Kids Party Rental Services

We provide many rental services that will add an extra level of magic to your party. In addition to our bounce house rentals, we also offer a petting zoo and rock climbing for added enjoyment. Our petting zoo is a full enclosure within your space, complete with hay, fencing, and shade for our animals. This will keep our pets operating at full capacity since all of their comforts will be present. Live animals are interesting to all of us and are sure to be a source of unique enjoyment for any celebration. 

Our rock climbing structures are both safe and comfortable, with easy-to-grasp rocks that are easy on the hands and fully support the feet. This is attraction is just the right height to provide fun and awe, but also a completely safe distance from ground level. This rental will provide excitement to both child and adult alike. Our bubble machine rental will add a level of aquatic fun to your party and is perfect for any water-themed celebration.

We have numerous decorations available to suit many party themes, including a wide variety of balloons and decorative accessories. We can also tailor decorations to your specifications, please let us know what design you are thinking of! We offer many colorful selections of chairs and tables, complete with shading umbrellas that are both comfortable and party-ready.

Kids’ Tables & Chairs

kids party rental

Our cotton candy machine

Makes many different flavors of everybody’s favorite party treat. If your party guests love chocolate, you will certainly enjoy our chocolate fountain machine, which turns ordinary treats into a chocolate delight. Our ice cone machine is perfect for those hot summer days or any time of the year for the snow cone enthusiast at heart. Our popcorn machine rental will provide endless amounts of freshly-popped goodness.

kids party rental

Kids Party Rental Equipment & Bounce Houses