Bounce House Rentals

We are committed to making the bounce house rental procedure both easy and fun. Bounce houses have become one of the most popular ways to celebrate childhood birthday parties by providing an inflatable structure for bouncing, jumping, and walking on air. These insanely fun structures were originally called “moon houses” because the experience is just as magical as what it must feel like to walk on the moon.

We offer eleven different themed-designs to choose from, which will give your kids many different options to choose based on their preferences. Our Dora the Explorer and Lion King models are perfect if your girl or boy is into character themes. Our princess model will certainly complement a royal-themed party and we also have a pink-colored model as well as a pink castle model to make any girl very happy in the iconic color of feminine youth. Take a slide on our double slide bounce house or fill our balloon castle bounce house with balloons for added fun and for smaller children, our crayon bounce house is just the right size for safe fun for toddlers.


Available Bounce House Rentals Units

Happy Birthday

Little Mermaid
Princess and Friends

Winnie the Pooh

Little Mermaid
Princess and Friends

All of our bounce houses are safe and sanitary. We clean each model thoroughly before a new rental and we make sure our bounce houses are properly filled and grounded at all times. We take the worry out of the situation, so you can rest assured knowing your kids and friends are completely safe so they can enjoy themselves. The bounce house rental craze has accelerated in recent years and we have made a commitment to offering a variety of bounce house themes to choose from because every party is different and every kid has their own personal style. Contact us for details.